Don't forget to shop the upstairs level where there are beautiful boutiques like "Contempo Man", the only Men's boutique in New Mexico.

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Contempo Man


Now offering the most desirable Men's underwear brands such as: Andrew Christian, Unico, Jam and Workout Under Gear etc.


About Us


Uneek Findings has been in operation for nearly four years on the Historic Route 66 just east of the Nob Hill district. The store features 45,000 square feet of furniture, jewelry, collectables and everyday living merchandise from all over the world and the United States ranging from Victorian, colonial, mid-century, traditional, retro, southwestern rustic, contemporary and modern styles. Since opening in late 2009, the store has acquired a following of loyal customers who are always amazed by the new arrivals that could only be found at one place ---Uneek Findings!

As part of Uneek Findings, the second level building features Contempo Man, a specialty boutique store with distinctive clothing merchandise for the modern man with exquisite style. High quality and affordable shirts, pants, shoes, and undergarments for the high style man await you.

Also on the second level, Angie's Costumes is ready to get you in costume for all of your around the year events and parties with more than 10,000 costuming choices.

Be assured that in every aisle, corner and booth in our store . . . You are assured to find merchandise that is truly UNEEK!

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Where you can find Quality Furniture and Collectables at a great price!